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The Merlin, Aparthotel – Acoustic Design

Three existing protected structures are being carefully restored and converted to aparthotel use at 22-24 Aungier Street. Sections of the buildings date from the 17th Century and are among the oldest surviving town houses in Dublin, originally laid out as part of the Aungier Estate. The project breathes life back into these derelict buildings but presents many novel challenges from an acoustic perspective.

Unlike new-build structures which rely on modern materials to add mass, acoustic elements needed to be sympathetic to the conservation of the original structural and surviving finishes. Acting as a principal adviser to the design and conservation teams was therefore critical.

Every element was examined and some unique solutions were developed, for example:

• Ceiling heights were restricted so we designed a floor with ‘hidden’ mass between the joints which resulted in a low profile build-up.

• Original lath-and-plaster ceilings needed to be retained but the sound insulation performance wasn’t adequate to control noise from the restaurant. Additional loaded mass elements and floating bedroom floors were introduced.

• Original sash windows were repaired and upgraded with new and secondary elements to control traffic noise ingress.

• Ventilation systems were installed directly above bedrooms and numerous noise control elements were needed.

Protected Structure converted to Aparthotel

The Merlin,  Aparthotel – Acoustic Design

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