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SDZ Transportation Hub and Roads upgrade

The Waterford North Quays project will assist the regeneration of the regional economy in a sustainable manner.

North Quays is over eight hectares of urban regeneration on a stunning, south-facing 1km historic quayside waterfront in the centre of Waterford City. The site consists of a sustainable transport hub, will be the largest mixed-use real estate development in the South East of Ireland's €18bn economy for the 603,000 people living in the South East's 60-minute catchment. The exciting project will see a new city-centre skyline emerge for Waterford city centre.

We were engaged to: assess the impact of the road upgrade scheme, moving Plunket Station to a new Transportation Hub and associated cliff reinforcement works.

These required complex noise modelling of the various scenarios and the impacts on the community assessed.

Planning permission granted: Sep 2019:

Impact assessment of new Transportation Hub and Road Upgrade schemes

SDZ Transportation Hub and Roads upgrade

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