Residential Development - Acoustic Design

This project is part of the new €1 billion Cherrywood Town Centre Development which lies between the M50 motorway and the N11. It is the largest single urban development project in Ireland with a planned 1,269 apartments and key retail, restaurants, cafes, office, hotel and community facilities.

Intelligent Acoustic Design unleashes the potential of even the noisiest of sites. Being close to the M50 motorway presented obvious risks with potential buyers needing assurance that noise would not be a problem within their new homes.

CAIRN Homes engaged our services to ensure that internal design goals were met. We first modelled the site to predict the facade noise levels and then calculated the noise ingress as a result of the building envelope construction. We identified the most sensitive dwellings and specified enhanced glazing only where necessary.

We went one stage further and assessed the likely future noise levels from an expanded M50 to ensure the design would be future-proof. And in keeping with Cairn's quality goals in mind, we designed for even lower internal noise levels than usual.

Acoustic design for 128 dwelling development at the Cherrywood SDZ.

Residential Development - Acoustic Design

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