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Plant Room Noise Mitigation

The Chillers and associated pumps in the plant room caused a significant noise level to the car-park of this prestigious building and complaints from the tenant. Ventilation in the event of a fire required the opening so it was a tricky noise control challenge.

The contractor had initially proposed to install large acoustic attenuators which would have been expensive and disruptive.

We were approached to lend our experience to the project. Having considered some alternative solutions, a relatively inexpensive roller shutter was proposed. To satisfy fire control, it’s operation was linked to the fire alarm system so that normally it would be shut and thus provide noise attenuation; only opening in the event of a fire.

The client was delighted with the solution as it was considerably less expensive, quicker to install and achieved the design goal.

Imaginative noise mitigation measures of plant room chillers

Plant Room Noise Mitigation

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