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Some 10 years after it opened for business Charlestown Centre expanded in a €75M investment. It includes 5,109sq m (55,000sq ft) of shopping facilities, a gym and creche and an additional 377 apartments all of which required detailed acoustic design to meet building regulations and design criteria.

We supplied complete Acoustic Design services for walls, floors, ceilings and circulation spaces of apartments, creche and cinema to John Paul Construction.

Our consultants were a constant presence on the design team and our experience and knowledge were called upon on practically a weekly basis throughout the project. We supplied advise by email, zoom calls, reports and marked-up drawings as required.

An innovative precast concrete frame solution was developed with composite external wall panels that combines the architectural concrete facade with the structural internal leaf and integrated inset pre-finished concrete balconies. This modular construction solution needed to be acoustically robust to meet TGD Part E requirements.

The partition walls underwent a myriad of design changes before construction, each of which needed to be signed off or otherwise, to ensure building regulations were met.

In addition we provided key creche/cinema partition treated and our prudent application of the Building Regulations enabled significant cost savings on sound absorption and an improved glazing specification.

Construction site noise and vibration monitoring throughout the project was provided.

Sound Insulation Testing confirmed compliance with the design goals.

Complete acoustic design of 377 apartments, creche/cinema and retail at Charlestown (Phase 2)


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