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Survey Service

Survey Service

We are passionate about noise and vibration measurements and have experience in a wide range of assessments.  

From Building Acoustics tests to Occupational Noise/Vibration assessment and from Environmental Compliance measurement to Wind Turbine planning applications; our service can range from a short compliance check to a complex programme of noise and weather monitoring for wind turbine impact assessment.

We carry out work in partnership with leading consultants and directly for clients (see what our customers say about us on our Testimonial page).

Our engineers have in-depth knowledge and expertise on the appropriate standards and guidance in relation to all aspects of noise assessment. 

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Consultants: “Get your data without ever leaving the office”Noise Monitoring Service

Use our expertise to add value to your project and avoid the difficulty of gathering field data.

Our Survey Service offers a complete solution to the management of your environmental noise and vibration needs. We take care of the equipment, calibrations, logistics and supply the measured data, allowing you to to concentrate resources on your core business.

What we do

  1. Delivery, installation and maintenance of state of the art, calibrated equipment and software by our expert personnel
  2. Data Collection either periodically or at the end of the monitoring period
  3. Report Generation


  • Wind turbines 
  • Environmental Impact Investigation
  • Construction site noise 
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Compliance monitoring


Cost effective solution for short to medium term noise monitoring:

  • No capital investment in equipment
  • Fixed and predictable costing per job
  • No learning/training of instruments or software required
  • Responsibility for the set-up, maintenance, calibration and updating of equipment is managed by our expert staff
  • Consultancy resources can focus on interpretation of the data