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A few examples of what we do:

Client: RPS Group
Project: Wexford Wind Turbine Compliance
Solution: Enfonic were uniquely positioned to deploy a large quantity of state-of-the-art B&K Type 2250 Sound Level Meters which had the necessary technical specifications to meet the tender requirements. Moreover, we had experience installing, running and importantly, managing the huge amounts of data that this monitoring programme produced.


After extensive discussions with our client, the number of positions of the thirteen noise monitors and three weather stations were selected. We liaised with the landowners and installed each with sufficient batteries provide power for at least two weeks. One monitor also had 3G communication which was configured to send a daily email alert that detailed it’s measurement status. This allowed our engineers to monitor it’s status so any issues could then be responded to, minimising any potential data loss.

Advanced Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) analysis of the audio files identified the tonal component of the noise was between 78Hz - 103Hz which is typical of an air handling/chiller unit


Client: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Project: Naas Noise Compliant Investigation
Solution: As the noise complaints had no set pattern, unattended noise monitoring was determined to be the best approach to this investigation


Following two weeks of unattended monitoring, the analysis identified that there were nine cases of exceedance of the night-time limit. Further investigation identified that the noise was tonal and particularly evident when the wind direction was Southerly.

Advanced Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) analysis of the audio files identified the tonal component of the noise was between 78Hz - 103Hz which is typical of an air handling/chiller unit


Client: Bodytonic
Project: Beatyard festival
Solution: Single noise monitor installed to ensure license compliance


Initially an attended survey was envisaged but using a Smart Noise Monitor with remote communication, costs were greatly reduced and reliability improved.

The noise monitor sent emails on threshold exceedance and regularly during the day. This ensured maximum utilisation of the license limit and assured the client that communications weren't disrupted.


Client: T&I Fitouts
Project: Office Acoustics
Solution: Survey, analysis and recommendations to solve some tricky acoustic issues in tele-conference and meeting rooms for a prestigious Dublin office.

Our room acoustics expertise provided our clients' client with a cost-effective and timely solution. 

A far more expensive solution was being considered but we were quickly able to identify a more cost-effective approach.


Client: Grassland Agro
Project: Occupation Noise Assessment
Solution: User-friendly report with unique Noise Contour Map.
Benefit: Recommended noise control measues removed the requirement for employees to wear hearing protection.


Client: Waterford Institute of Technology
Project: Complaint investigation of noise from chiller unit
Solution:  Noise survey on-site and at residence. Noise prediction calculation and un-attended noise monitoring.
Benefit: Report concluded that noise from chillers could not be the source of the complaint. Further analysis identified the source to be a nearby mains transformer.



Client: AWN Consulting
Project: N5 Traffic Noise Survey
Solution:  Conducted probably Ireland's largest traffic noise survey on proposed N5 re-alignment project in accordance with latest NRA guidelines. Data provided from 84 attended locations + 24 long-term monitors over a 24km distance in record time.
Benefit: All data including noise, photos, location and observations complied into succinct and efficient report format which could easily inform the remainder of the impact assessment.