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Environmental Enclosures

Environmental Enclosures

After many years of environmental noise surveying experience we were frustrated with the quality of the enclosures and in particular the batteries and their connectors. We had too many trips to site only to find the SLM had stopped after a few hours due to a loose connection.… we decided to put our inventors hat on and do something about it.

A few sketches, calculations and prototypes later the Enfonic Environmental Enclosure was born and we’re rather proud of it.  


Essentially because it provides longer battery life, robust protection and is easily adaptable to site and application requirements.


Mainly because our customers love it too and when they’re happy we’re only delighted!

“Top quality with maximum protection for meters and batteries at a good price, plus you can load enough power on board for 3 weeks monitoring.” – John Moisey (Environmental Consultant, SAC Consulting)


Extended Battery Life

  • Unique power distribution box manages the supply from each battery and monitors the output voltage.
  • This prevents deep discharge of the valve-regulated lead-acid batteries thus extending their lifespan.There are two power outputs; for the SLM plus an accessory e.g. router


Inside Enclosure


Data Assurance

  • Individual battery LEDs provide positive reassurance that power is connected before leaving site.
  • Each battery connects to the distribution box via a short lead with polarised and insulated connectors.
  • Two 24Ah batteries are provided as standard with a capacity for two more.


Noise Monitor Power Distribution Box

Flexible Positioning

  • Optional brackets allow enclosure to be pole mounted.
  • Autonomous noise monitoring without use of tripod or mains power
  • Ideal for urban noise monitoring when placed onto a telegraph pole


enclosure on poleNoise Monitor with Weather Station

Figure 1. Pole Mounted Noise Monitor                   Figure 2. Pole Mounted with Weather Station

More Key Features

  • Suitable for any Sound Level Meter but specifically the B&K range of Types 2238/50/70 instruments with space to house outdoor microphone 4952-A or UA1404, cables, router etc.
  • Power for up to 28+ days (Type 2238) or 14+ days (Types 2250/70) operation
  • Available in Green or Black
  • Customised power leads for other devices available.
  • IP54 rated cable entry door.

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