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Environmental Noise is termed as unwanted outdoor sound and many day-to-day activities create sound which, depending on the perspective, may be considered noise.

An example might be an aeroplane; the noise from the engine may interfere with somebody’s sleep but to the person inside the aircraft, the engine sound is a welcome reassurance that they’ll make it to their destination!

In other words; noise is an inevitable consequence of modern living.

Balancing the noise impact of activities and development on the community, and also from within the community, is the job of policy makers and each country has their individual approach. This has led to a plethora of environmental noise legislation, guidance and standards.

Regardless of the legislation or guidance, most standards agree that the measurement of environmental noise is the job of a ‘type approved’ (usually Class 1) Sound Level Meter.

So, we have a range of instruments (plus accessories when they’re required) suitable for all types of Environmental Noise measurements. All of our solutions are guaranteed Class 1 with valid Accredited Calibration certification.

For example, our ENV2250L system is a Type 2250-L Sound Level Meter with accessories to protect and power the system for long-term monitoring – ideal for Construction monitoring or Wind Turbine assessments.


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