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3000MW Wind Turbine


Greenwire is a ground-breaking £6.5/€8 billion renewables infrastructure development transmitting onshore wind power generated in Ireland across the Irish Sea for consumption in the United Kingdom.


The proposed turbine locations are spread over five midland counties at more than 40 proposed sites. Noise is a key element in the environmental impact assessment and there are over 200 monitoring locations. This is therefore the largest noise monitoring assessment ever undertaken in Ireland and one of the largest in Europe. The task of conducting such an extensive noise monitoring program was especially challenging considering the restricted given time-line of 6 months for the project.

Noise monitoring is conducted in accordance with ETSU-R-97 guidelines which require that that wind and rain data are collected as well as noise. Our role is to provide all of this data with as little input from our client as possible. We liaise with landowners where necessary, advise on measurement locations, install the necessary equipment and at the end of the day, provide the noise and weather data along with site observations, photographs and coordinates to our client, Fehily Timoney & Co.

Our noise survey teams work on groups of sites with usually 10-12 noise monitors each. These are installed along with a number of weather stations at 10m reference heights. Monitoring is typically conducted over a 2-3 week period however, by using remote communication with the weather stations it is possible to monitor the progress of the data collection and so optimise the survey’s duration. 
At the end of the monitoring period, equipment is relocated to the next set of sites and the process repeated.


  • By employing two or three sets of equipment means that the maximum number of sites can be completed as rapidly as possible. This is a great cost saving to the developer who can therefore progress their planning applications as quickly as possible.
  • All equipment used meets the requirement of ETSU-R-97 and other measurements standards including calibrated anemometers and noise monitors. The survey is supervised and installed by qualified personnel including Institute of Acoustic corporate members.
  • If any equipment failure occurred during the survey work the fixed cost nature of the contract meant that there was no impact to the client because Enfonic re-survey under such circumstances.



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