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Sound Insulation Testing


AWN Consulting Ltd is the largest acoustic consultancy in Ireland.


They use a variety of Bruel & Kjaer Sound Level Meters and specialist Software packages, in many aspects of their work including Environmental Noise measurements, room modelling, traffic noise prediction and sound insulation testing.


One of the systems most frequently used by AWN is the B & K Sound Insulation testing system which measures the performance of partition walls in dwellings. This system is based on a Sound Level Meter (Type 2250-J) which not only measures noise levels but also produces noise via an amplifier/speaker system.

A high level of noise is produced on one side of the partition and this level and the resultant level on the other side are measured along with other parameters including reverberation time. By further computation on – board the instrument, a single number rated index, Dntw, is calculated and this can be compared to the appropriate building regulations (Part E).


Each element of the system is manufactured by B&K and is integrated to make the job as straightforward as possible. For instance, the carrying case for the amplifier also has space to carry the SLM, cables etc. 


We supply a range of solutions to the measurement and predication of Sound Insulation and other Architectural acoustics properties. These include INSUL, a software package to model wall, ceiling and glazing partitions, DIRAC to measure many room acoustic parametric and ODEON to model auditoria, lecture halls, cinemas and many other types of rooms.