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Noisy Neighbour Complaint


Eastern Group Environmental Health Committee is a conglomeration of several local authority areas in the eastern area of Northern Ireland.


Each of these local authorities required help to enable un – attended investigation of noisy neighbour complaint investigation.


Enfonic supplied five Bruel & Kjaer MATRON – 3 systems which included free training on the set – up of the systems and the downloading of the data. One of the key elements of the Type 2250 is that a number of standardised pre – defined setups can be stored whereby the user simply has to turn the instrument on, calibrate and then start gathering data within 5 minutes of arriving on site.


The MATRON – 3 system uses a Type 2250 Sound Level Meter (SLM) to log the noise levels continuously however, once the noise which is the subject of the complaint occurs, the complainant presses a trigger button to start the Sound Recording of the noise. This recording is attached to the noise data by the Type 2250 SLM and a single data file is made which is downloaded later.

Once the system is back in the office, the officer can easily see the fluctuating noise levels that occurred and by a click of the mouse, can play and hear any recordings made.


The MATRON – 3 system saves both time and money by placing the onus on the complainant to gather the initial evidence for the local authority officer. This means that they don’t have to be in attendance for what might be an intermittent and unpredictable noise complaint.

MATRON – 3 is used by many other local authorities in Ireland and we have been supplying such systems for many years. B&K pioneered this approach to complaint investigation and MATRON – 3 is the latest generation system, see here for more details.


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