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City Noise Mapping Project


In 2006, the EU Environmental Noise Directive (END) charged each city within the EU with the task of producing maps of the main sources of noise ie. from Traffic, Industries, Rail and Air. The purpose of these maps is to ascertain the population’s noise exposure using a standardised index (the Lden) and then produce Action Plans to investigate ways to reduce this exposure.

Dublin City


Dublin City Council has been a pioneer of noise mapping using Bruel & Kjaer’s Type 7810 Predictor software.

Enfonic delivered and supports the Type 7810 Predictor software for this project and also assisted Dublin City council with initial implementation.

The maps cover an area of over 100 sq km and include every building, road and green area which was imported into the Predictor software. Traffic flows etc have to been imported and the software produces Lden levels in accordance with various standards including CRTN and ISO9613 so population exposure can then be assessed based on these predicted noise levels.

Enfonic also supplies and supports a network of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) which are used to “calibrate” the noise maps.


This network is growing to cover the other local authority areas in Dublin and will be the largest such network in Ireland.

We have also supplied and support permanent NMT networks for Dublin Airport Authority, Belfast city and various industries and have numerous semi – permanent systems throughout the country.

As part of our support to all our Predictor customers in Ireland, we have hosted a number of free user days and seminars to share our customers’ experiences with the experts who developed the software.