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Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics

People living side-by-side in apartment blocks or houses can result in a high degree of intrusive noise from neighbours and external sources. Minimum standards for the performance of the walls, floors and ceiling that such dwellings are constructed from, are designed to alleviate the problem.

Specifications for Classrooms and Offices may also require a minimum performance standard of these building elements. The primary concerns here are usually speech intelligibility and privacy, which can impact on learning and productivity.

The testing of these partitions is usually what is meant by Building Acoustics.

Our Sound Insulation testing system consist of a Type 2250-E Sound Level Meter with BZ7228 Building Acoustics software plus hardware for the Airborne (Speaker, Amplifier and Wireless link) and Impact (Type 3204 Tapping Machine) tests.

This is the only system capable of preforming the range of tests and calculations required to meet the various testing regimes.

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